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Welcome to Nails by Liz, one of Chicago's premiere nail salons specializing in the latest trends and accessories for your nails! Owned and operated by Elizabeth Sima, the salon has been open since 1987. Her years of experience speak volumes.


Liz has earned a reputation for providing clients with the most personalized service in the city. Unlike other salons, Nails by Liz provides a calm, relaxing atmosphere where she uses the latest in technology and equipment. She takes time with each client to review the best maintenance techniques and products to ensure long-lasting results.


Located at 1460 Sandburg Terrace Alcott House 2A.  Nails by Liz provides the cleanest and most sanitary environment possible. "It's important to me to protect my client's health and make their experience very pleasant."


Whether you are new to Chicago or just looking for something better, Nails by Liz puts your hands in good hands! Call Liz at 312-787-1443 and book your appointment today!



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